Wednesday, 5 March 2014


All beauty lovers out there have heard of TomFord Lipsticks. The divine packaging, the engraved 'TF' on the tip that's so pretty you kinda don't want to use it and the fact that one will set you back £36. A lipstick that's reserved for Christmas/Birthday lists, it makes it even more painful that my first taste of Tom Ford make up was a bit of a disappointment.

Tom Ford's Lip Colour in Spanish Pink is a pigmented peachy pink that has me written all over it, a shade that complements my skin tone and I'll happily wear all year round but that's where the praise ends. This lasts only a few hours on me which is understandable giving its creamy finish but then it starts to dry out my lips, leaving them looking a little worse for wear. A lip balm underneath solves the problem but for the price I expected a whole lot better. I thought I was alone on this as most reviews are positive but Kelly at A Blog of Vain Pleasures felt the same so its good to know I'm not the only one. Its a shame it didn't work out but I can see the positive, it saves me from spending £36 on a lipstick in the future - well on the Lip Colours anyway.

Have you tried Tom Ford's Lipsticks?

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