Monday, 24 February 2014


A foundation that I wasn't all too interested in when it was first released, soon got my attention when the glowing reviews and photos of people wearing this started pouring in. With Yves Saint Laurent's Youth Liberator Foundation the combination of skincare 'Glycanacrif Complex' and foundation meet to make for one winning formula.

Getting straight to the point, this a buildable medium-coverage foundation. Setting to a satin finish this starts to get dewier as the day goes by but instead of looking sweaty you get the whole 'glow from within' look going down. As my skin is on the drier side I'm embracing the glow but for oily skin types this could all be a bit too much, resulting in unwanted shine. When it comes to gel foundations the best way to get the longest wear out of them is with a water based primer, my favourite being Witch's Anti-Blemish Skin Clearing Primer, an excellent dupe for Laura Mercier's Oil Free Primer. The main reason I brought this was for the way it make the skin look in photos and I can say it definitely delivers. I found this to blur imperfections with only a little concealer needed to completely cover them. I haven't found it too be too much for daytime either and the times I've caught a glimpse of myself in a store mirror I've been left pretty darn impressed with how it looks.

I do have a few little niggles. First, dry patches. If I have any this will emphasise them so regular up keep with the AHA's is a must. Secondly, colour selection as there are no where near enough shades. I wear B30 and with a little neck blending its fine but there's a massive jump down between B30 and B10. Lastly, fragrance. This might not be a problem for some, just be warned this has a very strong perfume scent but once its on the face you cant smell it. At £34 do you need this foundation? Yes and no. During the winter months this is doing what NARS Sheer Glow does for me in the summer, so its a welcome addition but if your skin is on the normal side then there really is no need, unless your a foundation junkie like myself...

What are your foundation picks for Winter?


  1. Such a beautiful foundation (: but i can't get past that price tag x

    A Little Treat | Beauty & Fashion Blog

  2. your skin looks so natural. that is amazing. Unfortunately I have too many dry spots that I do not want to accentuates. I guess i will skip on this one. I heard great things about this foundation though.